Beef and potato stewed in black pepper-dark soy sauce

April 06, 2011

I love quick made dish, especially when the time so boundary but the home cooking should done to feed the hunger.

Well, this is my another quick simple dish which I always dish up when I ran out idea and not so sure what to cook with the chunk beef tenderloin in the fridge.
The process are include browned the meat and then shimmer slowly to cook it through, its not only sounds easy and simple but also very appetizing.
The gravy is a perfect blend between black pepper and dark soy sauce as it certainly suitable dish during our rainy day at the moment.
Serve with hot steam rice and the legendary sambal belachan, that all what my husband liked.


           Beef and potato stewed in black pepper-dark soy sauce

Ingredients :

300gr beef tenderloin, medium thin slice
2 medium size potatoes cut into chunk
1 tbs black pepper corn, crush
3 tbs dark soy sauce--I used Yamasa dark soy sauce
600ml water
2tbs Oil
Salt and sugar to taste

Directions :

In the bowl place the beef and then mix well with black pepper crushed, 
dark soy sauce salt and sugar

Meanwhile, heat the oil in the wok, add the marinate beef and browned them

Once the beef have browned and firm completely, 
add the potato and then give them a generously stir

Add water, once the gravy bubbles lower the heats to slowly stew for the flavor completely infused to the entirely dish

Continue to gently stew until the gravy totally covered the meat and potatoes

Remove from the heats and dish up, serve immediately with steam rice

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