Bakwan Jagung / Indonesian corn fritter and a news

April 16, 2011

Bakwan jagung / Indonesian corn fritters

~ Image taken with iPhone ~

That day wasn’t very kind to me, everything don’t seems to go right , from the cooking until the time to filed my recipe by a starts of taking the picture to make them just looks well presented.
I suddenly had a surprisingly shock after I clicked to aim my setting of my food and then not long after the view finder shows unusual warning of error99, i would never have a thought that I will have this kind of problem since I owned my sweetheart, now its GONE , its DEAD
I was so desperately looking the information regarding error99 here and afterwards I followed all the steps and it looks silence, lifeless, no chance of having fun on that day anymore
What a day…

It has been with me in the past five years, and it given so much thing to remember, time to time…I could not believe that this is happened to me.
To let you know that I have been neglected from this blog due to my broken PC and during my pregnancy couples years back, the fact that I wont be able doing it again, oh …hoping that I able to fix it as soon as possible  * crossed fingers

I have two files to be posting which I shoots before my camera gone error99 and that  a good news so far. Since I have this post to share hence i decided to put in a hole for a while after all set up

Well, I personally think that my food blog will look a bit odd somewhat boring if I didn’t include a recipe to cheer up and to melt the down even though the post tells a sock story but the spirit should remain on top of all.

Thanks to iPhone which makes my day like one :)


Bakwan jagung
Indonesian corn fritter


3 cobs corn
1 red chili
3 shallots
2 cloves garlic
1 candlenut
1/2 tbsp whole white pepper
6 kaffir lime leaves, finely sliced
4 springs onion / midrib off, thinly slice
A tumb size fingeroot (temu kunci)
2 tablespoonfuls flour
ablespoonfuls tapioca starch
salt to taste
cooking oil for frying


Using mortar and pestle, grind shallot, garlic, fingeroot, candle nut

white pepper, chili, 1 piece of kaffir lime leaf and salt to very fine paste.

Grate 2 cobs corn using a grater, 
leave the remaining cob to kernels by peeling it off or shaved with a knife .

In a big bowl simply combine all the ingredients. 
Mix well until all are well cooperated

Heat the oil in a frying pan, drop a spoonful of batter into the hot oil 
and fry both sides until golden brown slowly

Serve as a snack 

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