Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls / Gỏi Cuốn

March 03, 2011

The quick and easy dish for the appetizer to me is Vietnamese fresh spring rolls (gỏi cuốn ) even the satisfying its pretty much content with plenty of healthiness.
These lovable spring rolls actually loaded with super fresh and flavorful vegetables and herbs, I would say, let the photo do the justice ;)
Placing a wide range of greens over the rice pepper sheet and do the rolling to a good looking wraps are the fun part, very entertaining!

It decided to have a fancy of greens and herbs to my gỏi cuốn/ Vietnamese fresh spring rolls this time, because I realized that last week i cook too much seafood and meat stuff--to redeem the guilt, its just dead right if the choice fall into this one.

Dipping sauce,
I found my personal favorite dipping sauce is quite delightful, it’s inspired from the queuing sauces bottles seating in my cupboard and I conjured to a very personal devoted :)

                    For spring roll rice paper assembly

 Rice paper sheets
 Bean sprouts
 Red peppers, green peppers and yellow peppers
 Fresh herbs: cilantro, mint leaves and basil

 Fill a shallow bowl with warm water
 Dip rice paper sheet into warm water,do a quick actions as its delicate when it touched  
 with the warm water
 * do not over soak
 Place on flat work service and allow rice paper to soak up water and become gelatinous
 and pliable
 Layer the various vegetables followed by the herbs
 Fold in the sides nearest you and tuck in
 Roll up slightly tight, gently handle as you don’t want to tear it up

There are different kind for the wrappers, rice paper sheet and tapioca sheet
It says that the tapioca sheet is just more glutinous and perhaps little thinner and translucent, suggested dipping it quicker in warm water

                                      My very own dipping sauce

 ½ tsp plum sauce
 ½ tsp honey
 1 tbs fish sauce
 2 tbs warm water
 Finely chopped chili
 The juice from whole lime 

for the herbs:
coriander leaf, mint leaf and basil leaf

 In the small saucer combine all the ingredients above, stir well and taste it
 It should taste tasty intense of sweet and sour, in order of medium spicy
 * if you fancy very spicy, be my guest ;)
lastly, throw couple of aromatic herbs mentions above 
to get an aromatic dipping sauce

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