Minty Honey Dew Melon Salad

March 26, 2011

Minty honey dew melon salad

One of the most brilliant thing is when we find our favorite seasonal fruit all around, it take place and makes everyone happy, rushing and have fun. It was happen to me on that day…honey dew melon on season now....
Seeing tons of Honey dew melon placed on the big truck as it just begin the time of year, who would missed them? I don’t think I would, either you do…

The comfort ~ when I enjoying the pleasure of something I indulge in, something makes me feel better and doesn’t needs take time to prepare.
I made this salad to suits my summer time, the season filled with sunshine offer soothing and cheerfulness, the preparations it self is effortless and it’s a staple at before mealtime. The main secret of this salad essentially lies in the used of mint leaves chopped together with sugar so it’s fairly creates it own intense character, furthermore the overall flavour are juicy and scrumptious

Minty Honey Dew Melon Salad


  Whole honey dew melon
  Generous amount of mint leaves
  Sugar as your desire
  Pinch of sea salt


  Peeled and halves the honey dew melon
  Scrap the seeds out, place a strainer on top of the bowl, take the seeds in it
  pressing with a spoon to get the juice (discard the seeds)  
  Cut the flesh to a medium     chunks
  Chopped mint leaves together with sugar
  In the big bowl, mix the honey dew melon, chopped mint leaves and salt
  Using spoon, fold gently until well cooperated
  Chilled before serve

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