Mie Ayam / Chinese Indonesian style chicken noodles

March 31, 2011

It all started when out of the blue, flash-back several years ago, I once between tranquillity and tortured, living as a single with creepy unhealthy lifestyle, oh those days finally brought me here, those days ultimately turn out to be the moment which I feel special and motivated , I would gratefully appreciate of what I have today…

Here me now, I could easily named a homemade Indonesian healthy food, cook them and dish up to be a favourite one.
Yesterday Preference was Mie ayam within Chinese Indonesian way of cooking
(Chinese Indonesian style chicken noodles), to recall the history that Chinese Indonesians are ethnically Chinese people living in Indonesia, as a result of centuries of overseas Chinese migration thus Chinese Indonesian cuisine is characterized by the mixture of Chinese with local Indonesian style, this is one of priceless inheritance that we should preserved.

To cook this particular noodles is so easy, its not required special notes nor specific trick, truly are all about basic.
I have learned this dish from my girlfriend who ever open the noodles house restaurant back in 2002. She made her own fresh homemade noodles everyday, I still remember how the homemade fresh noodles taste like--she has been my inspirations when its time for home-cooked food, thank you for sharing :) I value…

Mie Ayam
Chinese Indonesian style chicken noodles
Serves 4

Chicken toppings :
Ready made fresh egg noodles ( here available at the cold storage )
Whole chicken breast / diced to a small size
½ medium size onion / I used bawang Bombay--chopped
3 cloves garlic, chopped
½ tsp ground white pepper
½ tsp sweet soy sauce / kecap manis
Salt-sugar to taste

Additional toppings:
slice spring onions
crispy fried onions
blanched bokcoy / I use sayur sawi
sambal / boil the chilies and then blender to a smooth

Chicken Broth:
Chicken bones
1 L water
8-10 whole white pepper- crushed
3-4 slice ginger
2 garlic cloves- don’t brushed--washed, skin intact
salt to taste
* you may used chicken granules prefer no added msg

Sauces for the bowl :
Light soy sauce / kecap asin
Fish sauce / I used Indonesian kecap ikan cap ikan merah
Sesame oil
White pepper powder


Chicken toppings
Heat the oil in the wok, add garlic fry until golden brown, add chopped onion stir fry until aromatic And then add chicken diced, stir to combine.
Add the seasoning such sweet soy sauce, ground white pepper, salt and sugar.
Stir frequently until all are well cooperated, when the chicken a bit dry but still moist and juicy remove from the fire, set aside.

Chicken Broth:
In a pot, add water and bring to a boil. 
Add the chicken bones, slice ginger, garlic and crushed white papper, cook at medium heats,  once its boiled reduce the fire to a low heats then season with salt ad chicken granules if you preffer.
Continue to shimmer until you smell the aromatic broth 
Off the fire and lid on

How to assemble and serve a bowl of chicken noodles :

Boil the noodle / the noodles are best if they still have a slight bite on it
Meanwhile, get ready a bowl, add 2 tsp sesame oil, 1 tbs soy sauce (kecap asin), 1tbs fish sauce and few dashes of white pepper powder
When the noodles are ready, removed from the boiling water and then transfers to a bowl which included the aromatic sauces.
Using chopstick or fork Mix well the noodles in the bowl.
Topping with chicken, blanched bokcoy, spring onions and crispy fried onions
Serve immediately accompany with sambal and chicken broth in the separate bowl

{A portions noodles approx 130gr ~ more or less 4 oz *

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