Ayam rica-rica / Menadonese style spicy chicken

March 08, 2011

Since we moved to Bali, I have been spoiled by the heavenly Indonesian food and for some reason I get hold of advantage to be pamper, feel comfort and just unwind my self --buying favourite food which available in every corner on the island, having culinary journey which is fun and testify the eating places which has been review in the news paper, oh…its obviously feels to live without burden.

However, home cook food is always the best, it takes to the fantastic roller coaster, carry out some bright ideas, get through all the trial and error to achieve the quality of our skill, I have a huge admiration and interest in the cooking home cook food.

Well, i am cooking another manadonese (north sulawesi ) dish last week to complete our feast at home during Nyepi day “ Day of silence “ in Bali
I’ve got the recipe from a good friend of mine, thank you Tina for the lovely recipe, it was an authentic treat to my family.


   Ayam rica-rica
     Menadonese style spicy chicken

    8 pieces chicken
  (I used breast *segments to 6 pieces and two wings)
  2 stalks lemon grass-bruised
  7 kaffir lime leaves-torn
  1 medium size tomato / diced
  1 tbs granules chicken / prefer without msg
  Bunch of lemon basil (kemangi) / steam off
  Salt to taste

    15 red chilies--roughly pounded using mortar and pestle or blender them
  5 bird eye chillies--pound togather with the red chili
  ( if you could not stand spiciness, skip the bird eye chili)
  20 shallots-slice
  2 cloves garlic-chopped

    Washed clean the chicken and then sprinkle with little salt.
  Pan fried the chicken to just slightly browned
  ( I browned the chicken in the oven )
  Heat the oil in the wok, sauté onion followed by adding the garlic,
  saute until aromatic and then add pounded chili, fry until the raw 
  smell disappear
  Add the chicken, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and tomato
  Season with salt and chicken granules
  Stir until the chicken covered with the spices.
  Add small amount of water and then cook until the sauce are slightly
  When its about to cook, throw in a bunch of lemon basil, stir briefly
  And then remove from the fire.
  Serve hot with the steam rice

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