Acar / Pickle diced cucumber, carot, shallots and green chilies

March 12, 2011

After a quite sometimes I finally manage to make acar, the preparations it self is just easy as turning your palm, but I must have to say that this stuff should always remain in my chiller, It’s a great to be a stand by complement  

How would I enjoy a plateful of Mie Goreng (fried noodles ) without acar:)

Acar (pickles) is a way of preserving foods by using vinegar, seasons with salt and sugar, it sounds basic but its really shooting, the collaborations between the flavour and texture are on the button.
Usually I made ​​my pickles just a simple one, using cucumbers, carrot, shallot and green chilli, store in the jar and refrigerated, the taste infused perfectly.
As acar served as a side dish, its goes well with such a nasi goreng ( fried rice) or mie goreng (fried noodles)

Indomie Goreng served with acar

     Pickle diced cucumber, carrot, shallots and green chilies

  1 big size kyuri cucumber--deseeds / diced
  ( I use just lokal one, actually its really doesn't matter)
  1 carrot / diced
  Shallots / peeled--adjust the number as your desire
  Green chill--adjust the number as your desire
  ½ cup white vinegar or rice vinegar
  Salt and sugar to taste


  In the bowl, Mix well all the ingredients 
  Pour the vinegar in and then season with salt/sugar
  Store in the jar, lid on, refrigerated
  The longer time refrigerated you'll get the better the taste
  Don’t be surprised if the liquids level increase as the cucumber juice 
  had creates 
  Serve chilled as a sides dish 

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