Rujak Serut Berkuah / Indonesian style shredded fresh fruit bisque

February 16, 2011

I was just staring at the fruit basket and I have no idea what will I make with my half-ripe mango, which has sitting for two days, the reason I didn’t bother to touch because it taste terribly sour and it would make my tongue gone numb.
But then, you see…it turns to a delicious matchless, perfect !

It call Rujak serut literally means "shredded fruits salad", and is another variant of Indonesian fresh fruit salad * Rujak. The ingredients are such mango, carots, cucumber, pineapple, pomelo or even raw sweet potato, by the exceptions that the fruits are not cut into bite-sized pieces, but shredded into a roughly grated consistency.

I was invited to the prenatal ceremony last year, it called Tujuh bulanan in Javanese traditions and it held during seventh month of pregnancy.
The mother-to-be is wrapped in seven layers of batik and doused with water, to wish her good tidings. In this sacred ceremony Rujak serut is include as a important dish among other food
The believes is if most the guests have met the Rujak is sweet the baby is expected to be a girl-- whereas if it is spicy then the baby is expected to be a boy, believe it or not...

Through the background story above, I am thinking that my absolutely sour mango just nicely fitted to its typical afters.


         Rujak Serut Berkuah
                     Indonesian style shredded fresh mango, carrot and cucumber bisque    

 2 half-ripped mangoes, shredded
 a cup of shredded carrots
 a cup of shredded cucumber
 600ml water
 3 tbs palm sugar + Castor sugar to sweeten
 Pinch of shrimp paste / terasi (optional)
 1 Chilli  
 Salt to taste

 * it possible using your optional desire fresh fruits

 boil the water in a pot together with palm sugar and custor sugar
 using mortar and pestle or any devise which possible to pound the 
 chili, salt and shrimp paste
 if the water about to boiling add in the paste
 stir well until all are blended and continue to boil for little while
 off the fire and then let it cool to a completely room temperature
 add in all the shredded fresh fruits
 Refrigerated and serve chill

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