{ Jus Blande / Tamarillo Juice

February 04, 2011

jus Blande

Tried and true meal, this is a brilliant simple healthy drink, the flavour blend perfectly and the wholesome very satisfying, therefore if you find something surprisingly full-flavour, this is definitely your pit stop.

" Tamarillo " also known as Terong belanda in Indonesia language as the Betawi ( orang Betawi or people of Batavia ) called for Terong Blande.
Betawi is actually comes from the word  of " Batavia " which is the ancient name given by Dutch Jakarta.

Jus Blande ( Tamarillo Juice ) is actually mainstay menu of Cafe Betawi and its their masterpiece beverage, I was so in love and spelled by the deeply flavour
What I found hidden behind the fruits is special indulge !

Café Betawi
Mall Bali Galeria
Jl. by pass Ngurah Rai-kuta, Bali

Jus Blande

  Jus Blande
   Tamarillo juice

  7-8 Tamarillos, scoop out the flesh
  Sugar syrup as your desire
  2 cups crush ice
  2 cups water

  Combine all the ingredients above in a blender
  Process until smooth and then strain out to remove the seeds
  Serve in the tall glass

    Servings  2

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