C&C Potato Salad (Creamy and Crunchy Potato Salad )

February 22, 2011

Creamy potato salad

I remember my first temptation of learning how to make potato salad adapted by Jamie oliver, it was a simple one but the freshness of the citrusy dressing could never be forgotten. Its kinda easy peasy method--boiled baby potato, tossed in lost of chopped fresh dill and the basic vinaigrette just fresh lemon juice and olive oil, the salad could possibly to be a versatile taste.

After confessing Jamie oliver potato salad as it was bright, now, of course it is my turn to share something quality somewhat addictive ;))
Everyone has different ways of making their favorite potato salad and its personal legitimate.
I choose a creamy potato salad, super creamy--underline “I prefer extra creamy" :)
the  crunchy and extra creamy mess are delicious contrasts, oh I don’t need to be sorry for admission of guilt of having a super-duper heavy stuff, this is a speciality and surely ain’t change to fit.

Creamy potato salad

C&C Potato Salad  (Creamy and Crunchy Potato Salad )

4 medium size potatoes
3 gherkins, chopped
2 tbs capers, chopped
3 tbs bacon bits
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 cup creme fraiche
sprinkle black pepper

In the deep saucepan, over high heat, 
bring enough salted water to cover the potatoes to a boil 
Add potatoes, boiled until tender
Drain the potatoes and let cool to room temperature.
Peeled the potatoes and then cut them into medium cubes
Meanwhile, in a large mixing bowl, whisk together mayonnaise, creme fraiche, gherkins, capers bacon bits and seasons with black pepper
fold in the potato, lightly mixing until well combine
Refrigerated to allow the flavors to infuse
Serve chilled

Note:  boil with the potatoes with the jacket

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