Dragon fruit / Buah naga

January 22, 2011

Dragon fruit / Buah Naga

The sun now days appear so shy--here in bali, everyday seem to be gloomy as the clouds take the wheel , then the rain gives its perfect shower. During the monsoon I remain at home with my Ryan, playing and have lots of fun together, but if the sun show up then I take him out--evening jog, then he’ll sit on his stroller while have fun with a toy, both are happy  

Good thing about the rainy season is magical relax, nothing else--feels soothe and calm and the other good news that the dragon fruit (Buah Naga ) are in season, this is what deserve to be called perfect ! They are  bright in color, exotic , fresh and healthy. I definitely would not pass on this one as it temptation just lighten up my day.

It could be fruit platter snack as they are rich in fibre or else as fusion salad of the day
Does it sound enticing?

Well, I bet every one of you would agree with me that they are really inspired, charming and delicious 

Dragon fruit platter

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