Bubur manado ( Tinutuan ) / Manadonese Style Vegetables Porridge

January 27, 2011

Bubur menado is also known as Tinutuan is typical traditional cuisine dish of Manado--North Sulawesi.
This tasty porridge is actually a mixture of various kind of vegetable such a pumpkin, sweet corn, water spinach ( kangkung) and long bean.
At the ancient time, Bubur menado is a food in the famine where the rice in the paddy fields hardly to produced so are the people should be frugally wise to cook rice.

I found my self once again surprise at the look of this dish and the used of the ingredients, trust me, the taste won me as well convince my self to cook--since its easy to prepare, I would definitely have a comfort between home.
Perhaps, it will happen to you too, because it gives you texture and deliciousness. The fact, that I would not able to resist

Bubur Manado

It brought me to a vibrant memory few years back, when was my first time hearing of this dish “ Bubur manado “ and the same time I eat it for the first time. What a wow…it took me certainly up in the air, wah…

Honestly, it was weird to my tongue, having porridge with such a flavour and texture as a different variety vegetable that are in it but its wonderfully healthy and it was a bowl of the real thing and of course I was enjoying it after spoon by spoon, especially accompany with sambal terasi ( Indonesian style sambal ) and salted fish

And after a bowl, this is my own versions of Bubur menado recipe
Its hearty, easy to make and fit to a chilly day 

Bubur Manado


  Bubur Manado (Tinutuan)
    Manadonese Style Rice and Vegetables Porridge

 1 cup rice
 2 corn ears kernels stripped from the cobs
 a bunch of water spinach / morning glory (kangkung)
 ¾ pumpkin or squash --off the skin and then cut into small chunks
 Preferable salted fish (deep fried )
 Salt to taste

 1. Wash the rice and drain
 2. in the cooking pot add the rice and cover with enough water
 3. Boil the rice until 80% cooked to a porridge consistency
 4. Add corn kernels and pumpkin, season with salt
 5. Continue to boil until the rice thicken
 6. Add water spinach(kangkung),stir heartily until all ingredients
    are well combine
 7. Remove from the fire, serve in bowl and sprinkle deep fried salted
    fish on top

Pumpkin & sweet corn

my note :
~ You can use any kind of your favorite vegetable or perhaps adding some protein such a tofu if you prefer 
~ Serve with sambal terasi to give more taste to it

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