{ Wedang Jahe / Ginger honey drink flavoured with pandanus leaf *

December 14, 2010

This is a glimpse of beautiful hot drink, it brings rejuvenate warmth and comfort.
The past few days, here was so cloudy and gloomy, sometimes the rains just pouring for few hours as monsoon seasons in Bali just approaching.
The weather just right for something warm to find comfort, something which easy but magic

Wedang Jahe
“ Ginger honey drink flavoured with pandanus leaf “

I remembered what my mom do in every cold weather when I was a young girl, she made the best wedang jahe for the entire family, watched her making the magic drink in our humble kitchen--she was happy doing her part, creates some love drink for us--slowly boiled the drink along with ginger and pandanus leaves and she has memorable message to me which can not be forgotten…
jangan lupa masukkan daun pandan, biar wangi which means “add-in the pandan leaf for your wedang jahe to let it sweet-scented”

Oh, I adore her as a mother, her caring and her comfort to all of us in the family. 
I do believe that all mother in the world would give the best thing for their children :)

One thing that i like about wedang jahe, it soothe the mood and calming the feeling until I dont need worrying so much the cold monsoon. Remembering all that, It making me missing my mom and the entire family gather together in the family room, having the drink, snacking banana fritter, sharing story and laughter, oh that was absolutely flawless moment!

Wedang Jahe

Wedang Jahe
   Ginger honey drink flavored with pandanus leaf


1 knob fresh ginger, peeled and Sliced
 4 sprigs pandan leaves
 coconut sugar--shaved/you can always use Honey, 
adjust the sweetness
 600ml Water, reduced to 500ml

What to do 

in a pot, place the water add-in sliced ginger, pandan leaves     
 and coconut sugar, Slowly boil until fragrant.
 Once it’s fragrant , remove from the heats 
serve immediately in glass or cups

 *if you decide to use honey instead of coconut sugar, 
you may follow the step below: 

 after removing the drink from the heats,
 Pour over in your glass/
cup and then add-in 2 teaspoons honey 
or as your desire

Stir to perfections
 Enjoy !

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