Sup Brenebon Recipe (Menadonese red kidney bean soup)

November 17, 2010

Another Menadonese cuisine I have reveal here is sup Brenebon and its actually influenced by foreign colonial Dutch, “Bruin” is brown and “Boon” is bean
Minahasan cuisine featured heavy use of meat therefore sup brenebon is traditionally added the meat such pork meat, pork shank or beef meat

Sup Brenebon made of red kidney bean, stewed and spiced with nutmeg, white pepper and cloves, you might imagine that the combinations of deep flavor and aroma it gives perfectly drool.
I must honestly say that my sup brenebon has been short cut, simple and easy method, no sautéed, no oil, I just add in all the ingredients in the boiling water and then perfectly stewed.
As an alternative of adding pork meat or beef meat I used mince beef, no special reason behind, merely exploring my inquisitiveness  


Sup Brenebon
Menadonese red kidney bean soup,
spiced with white pepper, nutmeg and cloves

3-4 cups red kidney bean (soak over night)
Mince beef, quantity as your wish
3 medium size onions, chooped
3 springs onion, sliced
2 springs celery leaves, chopped
4 cloves
1 tsp crushed white pepper
half from whole nutmeg, crushed

in the pot, browned the mince meat and then add the water
when the water starts to boil, add red kidney bean, spiced with white pepper, nutmeg and cloves 
add salt  to taste and then boiled to tender
add chopped onions and celery leaves, stewed until aromatic
lastly add slice spring onion
place in the bowl, serve hot accompany with sambal dabu-dabu 

sup brenebon

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