{Plastic Bottle Caps -- Re-Use Them!

November 24, 2010

Plastic Bottle Caps -- Re-Use Them!

I have got an email from my husband, when i clicked to open, i was so amaze by seeing the pictures contains and this is definitely what we called awesome!

How to seal a bag and make it air-tight!”

The First thing that comes to my mind is to redo the picture so that's understandable.

The guy who first thought of the idea must be given an award for imagination and originality !!!

Wow, what a fantastic idea!
Don't have to grapple with rubber bands, spring clips or twist ties.


Cut up a disposable water (or similar) bottle
and keep the neck and top

Insert the plastic bag through the neck and
screw the top – to seal.

The bottle is made to be air-tight, such that
water will not leak, the secret lies with the
top and screw!

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