Es Teh Serai / Lemongrass Ice Tea

November 02, 2010

Lemongrass ice tea
As much as I love tea, I could say without doubt that this is one of flavourful ice tea which completely has tropical self treat and I find it very fascinating for summer drink.
The lemongrass aroma gives its own an Asian touch which makes the drink archetypal  

Oh, I've got story to tell you about the lemongrass grown wildly around the area where I lived, but of course they are well maintain by the gardener, bushy but it looks neat, trimmed and cared for.
Most particularly, I took a chance of using them into my cooking and my lemongrass ice tea, by means I can freely pick them :))

How can I resist when the nature lies in front of the eye, remain fresh, organic and at no cost LOL


Lemongrass, brushed
Fresh lemon
any black tea-leaves or bag
Plenty ice cubes

Boil the water along with sugar and lemongrass until the sugar dissolved and aromatic 
(I named it, Lemongrass syrup)
Keep in the jar.

Making Lemongrass ice tea :
soak the black tea in the cup, keep aside
In the tall glass, dilute lemongrass syrup with water
Add lemon juice and black tea
Add plenty ice cube, give it a stir
Garnish with fresh lemongrass stalk and serve

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