Kare Ayam / Indonesian Style Chicken Curry *

November 20, 2010

Kare Ayam / Chicken Curry

I had one nightmare of cooking chicken curry few years back, to me the taste was awful, it was really putting me off  and I am certainly say to my self that kare ayam would never ever serve in my daily menu.
I thought, I would not make kare ayam (chicken curry) ever again, so rather than frustrated me over and over again, I have decided NOT to cook this dish anymore.

Until one sunny day, I have received a surprise package from a very good fellow blogger of mine, Elsye, Thank you very much !
She had send me such a useful recipes books, one of them include kare ayam recipe.
This the time I could say that I am back on track! Cooking kare ayam from scratch again !

When I read the recipe, I was impressed by the ingredients and I imagined that it would hit the spot of my lunch *looking forward . To be honest, at that time I take my time to make everything on place by followed the tried and true recipe.

I just twisted a minor part of the recipe by using only a cup of coconut milk instead of adding thin and thick coconut milk

Kare Ayam / Indonesian style chicken curry

 Kare Ayam / Indonesian Style Chicken Curry
  Adapted from Hidangan Berkuah favourite by Sisca Soewitomo
modified by me

4-5 pieces chicken thigh 
(original recipe using whole chicken cut into 16 pieces)
1 tbs lime juice
5 kaffir lime leaves (daun jeruk)
2 lemon grass, brushed
2 cm ginger, brushed
5 cloves
4 cm cinnamon
1 cup thin coconut milk
(original recipe using 750 thin coconut milk and 500ml thick coconut milk)
2 cups water (original recipe didn’t use)
oil for frying

Spices to grind

5 red chillies
8 onions
5 garlic
5 cm turmeric (charred), substitute turmeric powder
1 tbs coriander seeds, roasted
1 tbs cumin
3 cardamoms
3 star anise
1 tsp white pepper
3 candle nuts (original recipe didn’t use)
salt to taste

Curry spices


Washed clean the chicken and then rubbed with lime juice and salt, 
let it stand about 15 mins.
Rinse the chicken, keep aside

In the pot, heat the oil and then add the spice paste, fry until aromatic
Add the chicken, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass,
cloves and cinnamon stir until the chicken covered with the paste 
cooked until it change to colour

Add the water, cooked until the chicken quite tender,
Add the coconut milk, cooked to thicken and oiled in the surface

Remove from the heat

Serving suggestions,
In the bowl, place the rice cake (lontong), 
pour the kare ayam over, garnish with crispy fried shallots, 
serve with prawn crakers or emping.
*You may serve this chicken curry with steam rice too 

Served 6 people

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