Jagung Bakar / Street vendor grilled sweet corn *

November 30, 2010

jagung bakar / grilled sweet corn

Its hard not to like jagung bakar--it's grilled and greasy but its tasty, perhaps I would not go from the vendor push cart until I satisfied to eat again and again
The flavour, oh just right to my liking, salted and spicy--classic !

To me jagung bakar is an intresting snack, the snack that always makes me appetizing and I can’t effort to just immediately turn a blind eye
It was quite late evening when I photographed the vendor of jagung bakar at jimbaran beach area, there were quite number of people who keen for those yummy and scrumptious jagung bakar

What grabbed me most about this treat, that the skilfulness of the vendor the lively and vigorous movement as he turns the corn from the fire while fanning using a traditional fan, it gives me totally tremendous performance

 Grill corn

Street vendor grill Corn, Jimbaran beach, Bali

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