Daun bawang / Spring onion / Scallion

November 09, 2010

Daun bawang / Spring onion / Scallion

Daun bawang or Scallion (also known as spring onion, salad onion, onion sticks, green shallots or green onion in many countries) is an edible plant of the genus Allium. The upper green portion is hollow. It lacks a fully developed root bulb. Harvested for their taste, they are milder than most onions. They may be cooked or used raw as a part of salads or Asian recipes. Diced scallions are used in soup, noodle and seafood dishes, as well as sandwiches, curries or as part of a stir fry. To make many Eastern sauces, the bottom quarter-inch of scallions are commonly removed before use.
In the art of Indonesian cooking Daun bawang / Scallion are significant and widely used such as seasoning blushes like the soup.

Source : Wikipedia

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