{Botok Tahu / Javanese style spiced and spicy tofu wrapped in banana leaf *

November 07, 2010

botok tahu

Botok (sometimes called Bobotok in its plural form) is a traditional Javanese dish made from shredded coconut flesh which has been squeezed of its coconut milk, often mixed with other ingredients such as vegetable or fish, and wrapped in banana leaf and steamed. In the past the coconut flesh is discarded after squeezing the coconut milk, but this way it can also be eaten. Botok is typically consumed with rice and its often considered as the variations of Pepes which has similarity cooking methode by using banana leaf as a wrap. However botok is identified more specific by using shredded coconut flesh, while pepes usually contains no coconut at all.

Source : Wikipedia

botok tahu

I decided to make my own version that would take me to some of the most interesting Botok taste I have ever had. This would be my real taste which I choose not to add coconut flesh because I want my botok has different touched when it turn to impressing the master, me me me…and the fact that it creates more to the aroma.
Perhaps I ever imagine though I ever concerned that making botok is actually all about exploring 

botok tahu


*Balanced the quantity of every single spice, your taste bud is your master, so be my guest…

Firm tofu *medium diced
Garlic, ginger, shallot
Red chilli, bird eye chilli, galangal
Turmeric, lesser galangal (kencur), ground coriander
Lemon grass *take the white part
Kaffir lime leaf, thinly slice
Spring onion (daun bawang), sliced
Belimbing wuluh, sliced / substitute tomato 
Banana leaves
Tooth picks

Grind all the ingredients except kaffir lime leaf, lemon basil and spring onion
In the big bowl, place diced firm tofu and then mix with the paste and the herbs
Fold gently until the tofu well covered with the spices
Place about 2 tbs tofu mixture on the double layer of banana leaf
Wrapped tight and secured with a tooth pick and then placed on a steamer.
Steam to cook and aromatic
Serve hot

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