{Teh Poci

October 25, 2010

Teh Poci

Teh Poci is brewed tea in the typical tea pot (poci) which is made of clay and sweeten by adding rock sugar.
Teh poci is well-liked by people specificly from central java and its originally from Slawi *Tegal and its become very famous drinking tea traditions 

The devoted tea for the poci is using Teh Poci brand and its avalable in almost
Supermarket even though in traditional market.
The jasmine aroma from the poci is smell magic and it would probably makes you spelled :)) 

Teh poci

If you have the tea set of teh poci at home, the key secreat you should do is by soaking the sets in the bucket-full of brewed tea and leave it over night in order to get rid of the muddy smells

The Tegal people would do after brewed the tea and served, they have never washed the tea pot (poci), they have just discarded the rest of the tea alone because they believe that the clay tea pot would absorbed the aroma and flavor, by over time it remains a very classic fragrant

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