Teh Obeng / Amusing Nickname For Sweeten Ice Tea

October 20, 2010

Teh Obeng

I have herd about Teh Obeng before, as Batamese calls for es teh (sweeten ice tea) and I have never thought of that teh obeng is the same ice tea I usually make at home.
Well, i finally had visiting batam last few months back even though only for a night staying in purpose of continuing the trip to Singapore by the sea.
It was lighten up from my curiosity of the famous teh obeng, what it is all about and how actually taste like and its definitely highlight of the day. No more wondering…I had my Teh Obeng in the giant glass! to be honest its always remain to be my personal describable “ Batam is teh obeng

If you define the sentence of Teh Obeng in Indonesian language, it is quite amusing, Teh means Tea and obeng means screwdriver.

When I came across to browse about teh obeng, it has unique history behind.
A source says that teh obeng nickname comes from Chinese people (hokkien) in  xin jia po *read Singapore, if you are well aware, Batam is close to Singapore which I believe more or less its influence to the culture of Singapore.

O= kosong (empty) lets say “without”
Peng= ice (cool)
by default “sweeten ice tea without milk” and please don’t be so confuse :))

Beng is actually mispronunciations by native Indonesian in Batam, when its pronounce teh openg its sounded pretty odd to them, thus the prefix P successfully switched to B and its become the legendary Teh Obeng

Teh Obeng


** Make sure you have a giant glass for your teh obeng,
     Because that’s the way to enjoy ;)

Any black tea or jasmine tea (powdered or bag)
Sugar syrup (castor sugar)
Plenty of ice cubes

Brewed the tea with hot water before hand
Pour the brewed tea about a cup to your giant glass, mix with sugar syrup or castor sugar and stir to dissolve
Add glassful of ice cube and then top up with water to diluted
Enjoy for your summer day

Notes:  Original Teh Obeng is using powdered devoted tea brand, called Teh Prendjak, its has an enchanting aroma which is so delightful

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