Sambal Dabu-dabu / Typical Manadonese Condiment

October 28, 2010

Manadonese sambal dabu-dabu

Amongst so many different kind of sambal this is definitely one of easiest sambal, hello…I am talking about indonesian style sambal which Indonesian really be fond of it.
Sambal is chilli base which is normally used as a condiment and its very popular in Indonesia and it can be very very spicy

Sambal dabu-dabu is Manadonese style condiment and it has similarity looks with salsa but the taste dramatically different, sambal dabu-dabu is kicking !
The basic method to make this lip-smacking sambal only diced, diced and diced even though it sounds so simple yet its two tumbs up …

You can give it a try by pouring the sambal dabu-dabu over your grilled fish
I bet you would not remember me ;)) 

Sambal dabu-dabu


Tomato, diced/deseed
Shallots, diced
Chilli, thinly slice
Lime juice

Combine all the ingredients above in a bowl, mix well, season with salt, easy!

In the make

Shallots, I used to diced into small cutie cubes as I don’t enjoy the tangy of raw shallots
Chilli, mad about it and love to add plenty of them as I want FIRE in my mouth, do not try this!
I always having my rica rica tongkol accompany with sambal dabu-dabu, its goes well
Hot steam rice + rica-rica ikan tongkol + sambal dabu-dabu + rainy day= perfect!

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