Kopi Tubruk / Indonesian style brewed coffee

October 13, 2010

Kopi Tubruk

Kopi tubruk literally means “collision coffee”. It is a beverage brewed coffee from Indonesia that is made by boiling the beans along with sugar. This coffee have in common with coffee from Turkey and Greece in terms of concentration. Coffee brewed quite popular on the island of Java and Bali. Recipes from Kopi tubruk was brought by traders from the Middle East to Indonesia. In the Middle East, black coffee is known as "mud coffee. Coffee is brewed in the easiest way to serve coffee. Another variation of black coffee is coffee milk made by adding sweetened condensed milk.  The main thing to considered in making kopi Tubruk is the water used, must be really hot because if it isn't then there will be coffee grounds remain floating on the surface.

Kopi Tubruk

My preferable is Making my own kopi tubruk at home and its just perfect company.
There’s something magical about the aroma of the kopi tubruk, it’s pretty addictive while doing some work in front of the computer
Hmmm…I just couldn’t resist taking a sip by sip 

Kopi Tubruk

Some source say that traditionally Kopi Tubruk in villages, the drink is considered a male privilege. Nevertheless, over time, more and more women have come to enjoy it too.

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