Green Mango Salad

October 21, 2010

This is perhaps typical simple salad but its very tasty and appetizing. Adding just enough chilli and garlic, its definitely create a quite heats but who cares, I love spicy salad

I used the basic Thai dressing for mango salad in intend of make it characteristic, yummy and trouble free
When I mentioned the used of the vinaigrette is Thai dressing, I bet that fish sauce is come to your assume and yes it was dead right J

My preferable fish sauce still fall to Tiparos brand which is trustworth throughout Thailand, besides flavorful and also inexpensive

If you don’t have fish sauce or it might not available in your place, you may substitute with this recipe

1 part soy sauce
4 part anchovies

place in the small saucepan and shimmer for 10 mins
strain the mixture through a fine sieve, pressing solids to extract flavour


Green mango
fish sauce
Lime juice

Julianne the green mango and diced the tomato
Mix and place in the bowl
Roughly pound chili and garlic and the add the fish sauce
Season with sugar to balance the taste
Add lime juice for the final touch
Pour the dressing in bowl of mix green mango and tomato, fold gently
Place on the bed of your favourite lettuce and serve

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