{Daun Pisang / Banana Leaf *

October 19, 2010

Daun pisang / Banana Leaf

As its called banana leaf hence banana leaf is the leaves of banana tree.
Banana leaves are vitaly important in Indonesian cuisine as it is commonly used as a traditionally wrapper and a base such a pepes, nasi bungkus, lontong (rice cake), lemper and as a pincuk (banana leaf plate).

Although in the modern era which offered several variety of plastic wrapper, banana leaf has always take a place and become one of preference choice. The reason why banana leaf still widely used, i believe because it has such a particular purpose as it has very aromatic earthy smell when it’s exposed to the heats as example charred grilled or barbecue fish wrap in banana leaf, does it sounds drooling and starved?

As I believe, many people still believing that the banana leaf gives an extraordinary taste to the food if its served on it

One of habit I am still practising until present day is steaming my food stuff if it’s needed using banana leaf as a base, its worth a fragrant

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