{Sumatran Teh Tarik / Sumatran pulled Tea *

September 18, 2010

sumatran teh tarik

Visiting Northern part of Sumatra Island and its surrounding islands is incomplete without trying a cup  of teh tarik. This beverage is very popular and can be found in almost all coffee shops and food stalls from Aceh to the Riau Islands. In some places, if you order milk, don’t be surprised if you get Teh Tarik.

Teh Tarik (pulled tea) or sometimes called milk tea, is a variant of tea beverage originated from India called Indian Chai. This beverage was introduced by the Indian people when they stop in Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula during their trade expedition long time ago. This is why it can also be easily found around the Malay Peninsula region. In fact, this beverage is often mistaken as a typical Malayan’s beverage.

The name Teh Tarik came from the pulling movement when preparing the beverage. Filtered strong tea (usually black tea) is poured into a large glass with sweetened condensed milk. Afterwards, this tea and milk mixture is poured into another empty large glass and then poured back. This is done repeatedly until the tea and milk mixed well. The higher the tea is poured, the more and thicker the froth.

This method of tea serving is believed to mix the tea and condensed milk better,  bringing out the strong aroma and the subtle taste of tea. In addition, the beverages will also cooled faster.

If done by an expert, this could make an interesting show. The tea pouring movement from one glass to another glass is very quickly and it’s like seeing a thick dough being pulled up and down.

In some parts of Sumatra, Teh Tarik is sometimes mixed with eggs and called “teh telur”. Or, sometimes spices are added and it’s called “teh tahlua”.

Source : Indonesia at world expo

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