Rujak Gula / Balinese style fruits salad *

September 08, 2010

Rujak gula

Rujak is actually a salad made of different kind of slices fruits serve along with sweet/ sour/spicy sauce and rujak gula is Balinese style fruits salad which is most Balinese are familiar with, therefore Rujak means fruits salad and gula means sugar

Rujak gula can be found mostly at every corner in the island of bali, specially on the side of the beach among other vendor.
To me, the most attractive part is when seeing the rujak seller doing vigorously grinding for the sauce using traditional mortar and pestle, adding without trace quantity of every ingredients and slicing the fruits, trust me, the taste is scrumptious…Worthy to note!


This is particular knife and its commonly used by rujak seller in bali, look at it !  its looks unique, isn’t it? Its terrific sharp and gives wavy pattern to the slicing fruits, it makes Balinese rujak gula looks typical.

One thing should keep in mind that the quantity used of sugar in rujak gula is more than used of coconut sugar (palm sugar) that’s the reason why it is called Rujak Gula and terasi (shrimp paste) advisedly added.
To make rujak gula is dead easy, believe me, you can close your eyes and its done !

Rujak gula


Selected of your fruits (young mango is a must )
1 tbs sugar
1 tbs liquid coconut sugar (gula merah) substitute palm sugar, shaved mix with water and boil to thicken  
½ tsp terasi (shrimp paste)
1 bird eye chilli
salt to taste

Using mortar and pestle, grind the ingredients above. Make it little watery.
Add your slices fruits and mix well with the sauce
Serve with kerupuk if available :)

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