Manisan mangga / Candied mango *

September 17, 2010

Manisan mangga

In addition to Rujak (Indonesian style fruits salad) mango can also be candied, there are variety of candied mango such spicy candied mango which chilli added to it and plain candied mango.
Where I live now is not hard to find sellers of various candied fruits, such a candied salak (zalaca), candied papaya, and candied mango. The colorful of fruits candied are very attractive and unique, the best part is that we can give it a try before decided to buy.

Making candied mango its very easy and its simply needed the very basic ingredients and simple method too.

Well, This time I make homemade candied mango, besides delicious and of course its Healthier that the one sells outside which contain hesitant food coloring.  
I'm doing my candied mango just plain without adding the chilli and food coloring and its absolutely perfect for Heavenly nibble.
But at the end of the day it is your personal choice either enjoying spicy candied mango or just plain one.

Manisan mangga

Manisan mangga
Candied Mango


2 Green mango (peeled and do slightly thick sliced)
2 tbs icing sugar
1 tbs salt


Mix constantly the sliced mango with salt and let it stand about 10-15 mins 
or until the mango looks wither.
Using a colander rinse the mango well and drained

Take one handful sliced mango and lightly squished the excess water
 *do the same thing to the remaining 
In the big bowl combine the mango with icing sugar, stir well
Cover the mango and keep it at the room temperature for 24 hrs.
Chilled before serve

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