{Es Blewah / Cantaloupe Ice *

September 14, 2010

Es Blewah *Cantaloupe ice

Cantaloupe is variety of melon and more related to cucumber than water melon and its round shape with bumpy skin. Cantaloupe has sweet fragrant and orange flesh, its great for salad or cold drink.

Cantaloupe ice ( es blewah) is well-known throughout Indonesia, its suitable for summer drink because its has refreshing aroma, when its seasonal could easily found in traditional market and supermarket.
You have likely picked a tender, sweet, flavorful cantaloupe and you may a winner of your summer drink ! Es blewah …

Es Blewah *Cantaloupe ice

Es Blewah / Cantaloupe Ice 

Whole cantaloupe
Home made sugar syrup ( the amount is totally up to you)
Ice cube

Halve the cantaloupe *collect the seeds in a bowl, 
*strained and take the juice.
Scrape the flesh of cantaloupe and combine with cantaloupe juice.
Add the water and home made sugar syrup and then throw in the ice cube
good to be serve in the hot summer day ;)

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