Sate Lilit Bali Recipe-Balinese Satay Lilit

August 06, 2010


Since we have been moving to BALI last year unfortunately i have no chance to eat the famous Balinese Sate Lilit and I have no idea what they are taste like.
Even though one of my friends said to me you got to taste them, experience the thrilling of it and she was giving me suggestion where to get, just get down to Kuta area then find a restaurant called KUNYIT BALI *its belong to Santika Beach Resort and its specializes in authentic Balinese cuisine, but I found my self still not to keen, just passing by the restaurant on our way to the beach and that’s it !
* to be honest I was prefer to have balinese sate lilit somewhere just in the warung (local makan place ) and somehow I believe that they are taste better :)


I found my self fetching more and more curious how its taste like and how to make them , though i have seen several drooling picture and quite number recipes, how could I resist and do not bother to have them?
By then it was a coincidence or maybe just my fortune happened to watched the famous chef on TV demonstrating how to make Balinese sate lilit onto World café Asia episode BALI, it was quite tempting that I might give it a try.

I never think of making Balinese sate lilit is so much FUN, knowing engross various spices, it wasn’t hold my attention, honestly….
But when I watching him how to make them from scratch , its began putting an interest until it tempt me to make them by my own
and It wasn’t complicated as I think…

Here is the recipe of Sate Lilit Bali

SATE LILIT BALI (Balinese Satay Lilit )


• 600g Spanish mackerel *ikan tengiri
• ½ cup Seafood Spice Paste (see below)
• 5 fresh kaffir lime leaves, Finely slice
• a pinch black peppercorns, finely crushed
• 1 pinch salt
• 2 tablespoons very finely chopped Bird’s eye chilies
• 2 tsp Palm Sugar
• Lemongrass or satay skewers



1. Mince fish fillet very finely in a food processor or with a chopper. 

Add all other ingredients and mix well.

2. Mould a heaped tablespoon full of this mixture around a lemon grass skewer over trimmed stalks 

and grill over charcoal until golden brown.
*Note: this recipe will not work with frozen fish.


For Seafood Spice Paste


• 450g Large red chilies halved, seeded and sliced
• 50g Garlic, peeled and sliced
• 225g Shallots, peeled and sliced
• 175g Fresh turmeric, peeled and sliced
• 100g Ginger, peeled and sliced
• 125g Candle nuts
• 200g Medium sized tomato, halved and seeded
*I skip
• 2 tbsp Coriander seeds crushed
• 2 tbsp Dried shrimp paste (terasi), roasted
• 150ml Coconut oil
• 2 ½ tbsp Tamarind pulp
• 250ml Water
• ¾ tbsp Salt
• 3 Indonesian bay leaves ( Salam leaves)
• 2 stalks Lemon grass, bruised


1. Combine all ingredients except tamarind pulp, salam leaves and lemon grass, 

salt and water in a stone mortar or food processor and grind coarsely.

2. Place ground ingredients into a heavy saucepan, add remaining ingredients,

simmer over medium heat for approximately 60 minutes 
or until water is evaporated and marinade changes to golden colour.

3. Cool before using.

4. Transfers into the jar and keep refrigerated

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