Pepes Tahu, Steam-Grilled Spicy Tofu Wraped In Banana Leaves

August 18, 2010

Pepes  tahu

 Every Indonesian has different way of making Pepes Tahu, some of them prefer the method by mashing the Tofu and then combine with preferable spices. To me, its really doesn't matter because they are still appetizing and somehow become my all time favourite.
I personally like my pepes tahu to be steam then grilled, diced the tofu instead of mashing them, spicy and a bit sourish. It does sound mouth-watering…

Pepes Tahu  
Steam-Grilled spicy tofu wraped in banana leaves

Makes 5 wraps


6 blocks tofu-diced
3 tbs chili paste
1 candle nuts
3 shallots
7-8 blimbing wuluh substitute tomato- slices
Bunch of lemon basil ( daun kemangi ), pick the leaf out from the stem
Banana leaves
Tooth picks


Grind candle nuts and shallots in a mortar pestle to paste, 
mix the chili in then seasons with salt.
In a bowl, combine diced tofu, chili paste mixture and lemon basil, stir genteelly

Lay about 2 layers of banana leaves, 
place 2 spoon full tofu mixture on top of the banana leaves. 
Wrap and secure both ends with tooth picks, repeating the remaining mixture

Meanwhile prepare the steamer until its ready for steaming. 
Transfers the wraps into the steamer, steam approx 15 mins.
Grilled on each side for another 5-10 mins or until the wraps turn into charred color.

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