August 30, 2010

Edamame Pods

Edamame is a preparation of immature soybeans in the pod commonly found in Japan, China, Hawaii, and Korea. The pods are boiled in water together with condiments such as salt, and served whole.
Outside East Asia, the dish is most often found in Japanese restaurants and some Chinese restaurants, but has also found popularity elsewhere as a healthful food item.

Green soybeans in the pod are picked before they ripen. The ends of the pod may be cut before boiling or steaming.

The pods are then boiled in water or steamed. The most common preparation uses salt for taste. The salt may either be dissolved in the boiling water before introducing the soybean pods, or it may be added after the pods have been cooked. Boiled soybean pods are usually served after cooling, but can also be served hot.

Source : Wikipedia 

Cooked edamame

Salt-boiled edamame appetizer

300gr fresh edamame in pods, or frozen edamame in pods
1 tbsp salt


Wash edamame and drain, set aside.
In the mean time, boil lots of water in a large pot, Add in 1 Tbsp of salt and then followed by adding edamame in the boiling water and boil for about 5 mins.
Drain in a colander then spread boiled edamame on a flat tray and sprinkle 1 Tbsp of salt
Served after cooling as appetizer

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