Averrhoa Bilimbi, Belimbing Wuluh

August 10, 2010

Belimbing Wuluh is actually original name for local Javanese also known as Averrhoa bilimbi. This tropical tree usually grown throughout Indonesia and commonly in other South East Asia countries. 

The fruits can be eaten raw with salt, chilli or some other spice.
It has sourish flavor and are popular added to some dishes such a curry, as wel as substituting for tamarind and tomato. 
In one of Indonesian dish we used to add them in the sayur asem *Indonesian style sour fresh vegetable soup and also its very prevalent in Acehnese culinary.

Since they grown naturally here in our place, I take this opportunity, plugging whenever I need them if make my Pepes Tofu ( tofu wrapped in banana leaf) or Pepes Ikan (Spicy fish wrapped with banana leaves) it absolutely given such such a unique taste!

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