Teh Jahe / Ginger And Coconut Sugar Drink

February 07, 2010


I describe Ginger and Coconut Sugar is a drink with magic Love, the aroma and the flavour its a pure touch of a dear one.
The pungent scent of the ginger giving a secret gentle warm to the body and the toffee caramely taste of the coconut sugar, boosted up a bountiful essence to it.

I am dearly so in love with this traditional drink, especially for the chilly monsoon in BALI.
As I said in my previous post that I am going to share this magic traditional drink and so I would not have waste a single minute of my fabulous chance,” it might one day we can meet and seating together, having a chat accompany by our dearly one “

Ginger And Coconut Sugar Drink


2 knob ginger (each the size of your thumb finger)
1 ½ lt of water
100 gr coconut sugar
(I used 4 pieces of coconut sugar, see the image here)
Pandan leaf if available


Starts to peel the ginger off then using the potato peeler cut the ginger to thin strips
Meanwhile bring the water into a boil, add in the ginger, pandan leaf and coconut sugar.
Lower the heat to a medium low and shimmer, the liquid will develop to a deep golden brown hue (the longer you simmer, the stronger the brew will be)
Serve hot
Notes : Refrigerate for up to 1 week.

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