Tom Yum Goong

January 31, 2010

tom yuum goong

Tom Yum goong is Thai style hot and sour soup with fragrant herbs generously used such as lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, fish sauce and crushed chilli.
The soups originating from Laos and Thailand respectively and It is widely served in the entire country.

Tom yum goong is usually made with prawns or even mix sea food and mushrooms. The soup is often topping with generous fresh chopped cilantro to give the characteristic fragrant
Making tom yum goong is not complicated as I imagine before, we can make even from the scratch and the same time serve them fresh.

You should have not to worry if you’re kinda allergic or doesn’t like to what we called fish sauce, substitute with anchovies cubes or you may not to used it at all, the fact i can guarantee, that it’s still quite deliciou!

I normally adding tamarind pulp to the broth instead of lime juice to create unique flavor to the soup then adding coconut sugar to balance the taste.
I am sure that every one of you has different style how to twist mouth-watering tom yum goong soup as I do.

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