SLF Special Edition " The Beauty Of Red And White "

August 06, 2009

SLF Special Edition "The Beauty of Red and White"

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The month of August has always been the special month for Indonesia because in this month the Indonesian regained their independence from the colonists, partly due to the brave citizens of Indonesia who fought the wars aggressively and with perseverance.

To commemorate the Indonesian independence this year, Still Life Food (SLF) Photography club is proposing an event of still life and still life food photography with the theme “The Beauty of Red and White”.

This event is going to be held on August 3 until August 24, 2009, in which the event is open to all member and non-member of SLF, citizen and non-citizen of Indonesia.

The criteria of participating in this event is as follow:

1. Photo submitted must have the theme “The Beauty of Red and White” with the object of the photo must be related to culinary point of view, either it be food or non-food related objects.

2. Send your entry to this email: with the following details:

Your name:
Your blog's name:
Your location:
The URL of the post containing the photograph :
Attach one of your best pictures in JPG format, 500pxls in width

Photos that are submitted will be judged by a team of juries who have expertise in photography in general and food photography in particular. Here they are:

1. Prio Adhi Setiawan of "Priotography"
2. Leemei Tan of "My Cooking Hut"
3. Peter G of "Souvlaki for the soul"
4. Thorsten Kraska of "My2Penn’orth"
5. Oezank Setia Nugraha of "Oezank Photography"

Concept: The judges are looking for a photo that can convey the theme visually and uniquely that can captivates and inspires the audiences right away. Any clever or fresh idea to represent the red and white in the composition is greatly sought after.

Edibility: The judges are looking for an enticing and engaging photo that tempts people's sense of smell and taste, in other words, the photo must be a drool-worthy photo in visual context.

Aesthetics: The judges are looking for terrific composition, lighting, focusing, styling, clarity and color, and direct relevance to the theme.

Originality: The judges are looking for interesting image that catch their attention. A “WOW” image that we haven’t seen it before.

We will also be looking for an “Overall Winner” to whoever gets the most highest points in all combined categories.

HOST PICK is another bonus! :)

Photos that are coming in will be accessible for viewing in the "The Beauty of Red and White" gallery which will be updated daily. Click the image below for viewing.

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Let us enliven this event by sending us your best “The Beauty of Red and White” photo!

SLF Administrators

Host entry:

elsye -2

ema r&w 2

red and white by ira



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