Unfinished Roller Coaster

July 14, 2008

three ingredients

I am still in the roller coaster
It took me up-side-down, nice and proper!

Unfinished packing turn out to be massive irritable, in a moment have to be pleasantly
Smile, hey girl life is so wonderful, you live at once, you would not reborn

Take it easy...enjoy!
Smile, Get some excitement!

I smile...

I smell the aroma of slowly boiled marinated duck in Javanese spices.
We will have fried crispy duck for dinner tonight (bebek goreng Surabaya)
Oops! I hope that I have chance to take photo and share the recipe over to you
**Finger crossed

As we have shifted to the new place, I feel relived that finally we have settled a place where we can organize all the stuffs by now, I take a deep deep breath that at the moment chapter one had done so far!
Unfortunately we have herd last week that the villa at we are staying now in a plan of modernizing for the up coming season. Oh gosh!!! So weather I like it or not we have to move to other villa which had modernized

First I started grumbling and swearing too, he he sorry…
Then I have trying my luck of demanding, he he sorry again…

And finally my demand was come up with absolutely great react!
The General Manager of this resort had agreed that he's going to lend me two of his staffs helping me out of shifting all my stuffs, the interesting part is that our villa going to face toward sales deck department which possible for me to get wireless broad-band connections for my internet, Thank you... Terima kasih
Fairly I had sent him my extraordinary Indonesian Gado-Gado, he he…

This is not a sin or even in advance of bribery, it’s practicing of Take and Give **wink

Anyway, last week we supposed to move, but all of sudden my husband have to jump to the south for a week in order that company needs him, then we have post pone it.
If no further harassment which is two days later we have to move to another villa.
I can declare, my blog gonna be blank again in somewhat it may boring too!
It actually not makes me happy, I honestly terribly sad!
Somehow, I’ll try my best to keep share in a sort post shortly ** hopefully

three ingredients

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