DMBLGIT, I am so honoured being a winner! and being a Good Lookin!

May 16, 2008

I just came back from my Dubai Trip last four days ago, I have no chance to do blogging yet, since there was a big reason as usual that my house things could not be awaiting for me “cleaning!” seems my house in a big mess, my plant almost dying (nobody water them, so sad) other problematical of doing blogging was last two days ago my broadband totally down! We were call the staff (BSNL) to find out what was going on--unfortunately there was technical problem which should be done in 48 hours, goooshh! and 48 hours is today after quite long waiting to type some my words, yay..!!
That was the reasons why I have to wait for this moment.

and now...

I would like to take this great opportunity to say my Special thanks to Sara of ms.Adventure in Italy for hosting DMBLGIT April’08 (fantastic monthly competitions of food bloggers) also big Thanks to all judges--Helen of Tartelette,Sara of The Kitchen Pantry, Susan of Food Blogga and Robyn of The Girl Who Ate Everything, must be tough job for you guys to decide and chosen who the winner in each category because all food blogger are tremendous excellent and talented in their concerned.

To be honest this my first entry to go DMBLGIT and I was so surprise when they award me in Second Place for DMBLGIT April’08 for my "CRISPY, SPICY AND GARLICKY DRIED ANCHOVIES" ,
I am so honor and very proud of it, thank you very much!!
Check out all the winner here and my post here

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