Carrot Cake *not Cakes! as Char Tow Kueh

May 16, 2008

stir fry carrot cake

As we are mostly really being huge fans of our country special dishes and impossible take them away from our life, ever!, miss them so much especially to whom who stay abroad which hardly to get those craving mouth watering foods even which does not have demanding ingeredient of your desire one, then what you can do? You’ll do everything in your power to get them back! Cook it, dish up at our dining table--no matter how much you have to purchased and no matter how tough you have to bring them over--I believe you would do it.
Char Tow Kueh

Obliterating my hubby crave for his heavenly Singapore Char Tow Kueh is pretty easy to cook apart from brought them over across the country, ho ho!
With ready made “Carrot cake” which picked up from regularly supermarket in Singapore, I able turning over into his outstanding appetizer to be his company besides me, ha!
"Oh! Feels like at home, you pass babe, exellente! yeeaahh..."

ehemm! thanks anyway…

Please don’t get wrong idea with Singapore carrot cake, I know you might pictured it as cakes made of those carrots, oh no no…what I am talking about here is Singapore carrot cake made from fragrant rice flour, tapioca starch, carrot and some seasonings then produce the cakes.

Well, my carrot cake a.k.a Char Tow Kueh as “D” humbly request is followed by cooking instructions behind the packet and i did little bit modified to get more savoury.
Take him into unforgettable Chai Tow Kueh, hmmm it was my big intend, ha ha

stir ry carrot cake2

Carrot Cake ( stir fry) a.k.a Char Tow Kueh


1 packet ready made carrot cake, about 500gr-cut into small cubes
2 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon chilli paste (optional)
1 tablespoon tong chai-finely chopped
1 tablespoon sweet soy sauce
Dash of fish sauce
Dark soy sauce to colour
Spring onions to garnish
Vegetable oil


Heat the oil, add garlic and tong chai until fragrants.
Add chilli paste keep stirring abot 30 seconds
Add small cubes carrot cake stir gently as carrot cake is too delicate
Seasons with dash fish sauce, sweet soy sauce and dark soy sauce to coloured
Stir frequently and gently until all ingredients are well bended.
Remove from the heats transfer into a serving plate then garnish with chopped spring onions
Serve hot


  • I skip the egg for my special request fried char tow kueh
  • Chai poh (dried radish) commonly add to char tow kueh if unavailable tong jai being great alternative
  • Making it in slightly lighter colour is preferable choice

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