When leftovers turn into "Without Garnish Fried Rice"

April 30, 2008

blushing fried rice4

One thing I love about fried rice is when leftover rice turning into a delicious dish.
Wondering how much delicious we are talking about, it’s depending how your style, what ingredients do you fancy of and how creative you twist it and find out what your favourite fried rice ever!
In my fired rice desired folder there are few listed been blast of our dining table as always, ha ha oh yeah its true! I have enjoyed making fried rice and twist it out to an unforgettable taste--chopped, slices, diced, toss, and quick stir--It’s really fun…!!

I have amusement story from friend of mine which was experience "Indonesian fried rice". She was impressing with our style fried rice and she said really adore with, more without less that she had been a huge fans of it.
It was really making me laugh when I mentioned “Indonesian Fried Rice” and wondering me when she said no! She had completely refused to what I had been said so.
“It wasn't fried rice, it was Nasi Goreng" ha ha…Lol

pink belachan

Nasi goreng” is Indonesian way to call “Fried rice”, for us nasi goreng is down to earth dish as many indonesian commonly eaten as breakfast other than that either exclusively prestige at the five star consuming and well presentations dish at any time of the day.

As Nasi Goreng Special is accompanied by pretty looking fried egg, prawn crackers (krupuk), fresh cucumber and chicken satay, **it was make my friend could not forget my Indonesian "Special Nasi Goreng".

It seems blushing Nasi Goreng without garnish isn’t it? Forget the looks lets talk about the taste generally. Adding Belachan or Terasi to my fired rice making the taste quite challenging--it was pretty delicious and spicy come at the same time, we do prepare our tummy gets full when Nasi Goreng been serve! You can imagine that?

For those who do not have Belachan, substitute with Terasi (Indonesian dried shrimp paste) as I did it so if my belachan gets over and for those who do not have both ingredients above, you may substitute with fish sauce

belachan fried rice

Blushing Nasi Goreng without Garnishes


2 bowl leftover rice from previous day dinner
150gr prawns, slice to two
2 eggs, well beaten and scrambled
1 red onion, finely slice and chopped
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 tablespoon light soy sauce
1 tablespoon red chili paste
1 teaspoon roasted terasi or belachan
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
Salt to taste


Heats up the wok with oil over medium heat, add garlic then stir until aromatic
Add chopped red onion, stir until golden brown and continue to add prawns stir until change to pink colour.
Add chili paste, stir until all ingredients are well blended and then add terasi or belachan stir about 30 seconds until terasi or belachan are perfectly dissolve
Add rice, keep stirring until the rice are well blended with chili paste, about a minute.
Add scrambled eggs the season with light soy sauce and sea salt

Do a quick stir about 15 seconds, remove from the heat then transfers into a serving plate
Serve for two.

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