Take me back to a simply magic green mango salad

April 06, 2008

I would say this is the most drooling fresh green mango salad I have ever wondered. 
I was born and brought up in a small town of east java Indonesia, i still remember when mango season coming during month of August which was everywhere in the market and side road they were display several different kind of mangoes-from ripe to fresh raw--such a seductions to all mango lover--in fact my self is a big fans

chilly mango salads5

My great fun memorized when my mother used to take me along to the market once a week on my holiday school it was such a great chance being her company and helping her to carry her shopping stuffs. 

The other thrilling part which was making me could not awaiting Sunday holiday coming very soon is the moment I entered the market, oh...unbelivably amazing scenery--seeing the peddlers are selling variety of primary foods, traditional cake (jajan pasar) kitchen tools and many other stuffs, i wish i could rolled back the time--siiighh...!!

Another flashed, i did not forget when she taking me along to market during mango season **oh…I can't help the way I jumped behind her, hahaha… what an excitement moment it was. 
She always craved for ripe mangoes and enjoying them as i do so and for suremy mother will picked them up about half or even one dozen of mangoes as she is a huge fans either.

chilly mango saldas3
oh no!!...did you see my reflection?

I am not mad now, laughing alone while typing and telling this story-- I just remember at time when my mother had done choosing ripe mangoes and she paid to the peddler, afterwards we have to move to get home **again those raw green mangoes always being temptations to me and I would keeping my eyes at them and freeze my step as hint to my mother to pleased her buying for me raw green mango just one or two pieces, pretty amusing--how smart my trick was to get what I demand.
To make a simply magic green mango salad is quite easy and simple, oh I used to call as “Manisan mangga” (manisan is sweet salads-mangga is mango)
Having it chill is nicer and definitely heavenly snack.
Touched up with red bird eye chilli just to get spicy sting--it would be a great combinations as my naughty suggestion.

Chilly green mango salad touched with bird eye chilli.

1 raw green mango, peeled
Sea salt to taste
1 red bird eye chilli


Wash clean peeled green mango.
Using a slicer then slice it to get evenly thin.
Sprinkle with sea salt and rub gently then wash with running water to take away the sap contained-drain well.
In bowl place slices green mango then season with sugar and salt.
Add finely slice red bird eye chilli **as my naughty suggestion then mix gently with a spoon until well blended.

Serve chill.

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