Spicy aubergine with crispy anchovies--converted to an "aubergine aversion"

April 03, 2008


I am terribly struggled not too much extreme dislike them, yes I do…
Until finally I got divine appetizing dish recipe which is base from the ingredient it self--Aubergine, eggplant, brinjal.

So much irritable when it comes to a fresh local vegetables marketplace, I do not bother to buy aubergine and family even planning to cook a dish.
looking at the round shape--the colour, ohhh they are truly gorgeous in dark purple, my sight often to enjoy them in the display box just representative of the freshness and shiny looks, its too good to be true…being a huge fan when it turn to click them with perfect background, ideal pretty colour as touch up, ahh it was fun--but not in cooking!! Perhaps dealing with aubergine and turning into delicious dish its nothing wrong--without a big question marked.

Apart from it, I had done just shallow pan fry, halved them--coated with ground black pepper and sprinkle some sea salt, it was just okay…wasn’t fantastic believe it or not I would not repeat at the same method to win me up-at the end I have decided putting in a hole-converted into unsatisfied dish listed. So mean…

spicy aubergine

Since then I hardly cook aubergine to be our food somehow my self still trying to make it pretty tempting even though in the earlier just like to do an extensive trial on and on, but often to be unsuccessful then end up with dissatisfied to what I’ve been attempt on.

Have I bring to an end to seek out how to find a way to won my self of aubergine??


It’s no way…!! Still no way--definitely no!! **now-forced my self to say noooo!!!

Certainly and no doubt that soon or later I will have huge notice and discovering my
“Aubergine aversion”

Eventually…at previously two days ago I got a wonderful recipe from my mother but it wasn’t her own either, exclusive of her friend was giving to her a puzzling ingredients and steps, she was giving me a twist puzzling too--goshhh such a big head ache to get curious Aubergine dish. Never imagine that the process really not that simple, I have to think about it--give it a try at my kitchen finds some conversions here and there, adjusting of my fussy as always and the most important thing is how to make the dish pretty delicious some more being unforgettable in my daily menu.

Spicy aubergine and crispy anchovies


2 pieces aubergine (about 300gr in medium size)
3 tablespoons chilli paste

1 medium size tomato, diced
3 cloves garlic
1 medium size red onion
3 slices galangal
1 spring Indonesian bay leaf
½ cup of cooked crispy dried anchovies.
1 teaspoon anchovies granules-optional

vegetable oil
Sea salt to taste


Cut the aubergines into wedges or dice.
Place them in a big bowl add 1 tablespoon sea salt and 2cups of water then soak it about 5 minutes.
Grind the garlic and red onion into a smooth paste the mix with the chilli paste, set aside.
Drain the aubergines well--try to remove all excess water after all place them into a double kitchen towel let it stand awhile.
Heat the pan with vegetable oil just enough for shallow fry to a medium fire.
Add diced aubergines into hot oil and fry them to a brownish colour.
Remove from the pan then place it into a plate with double kitchen towel lay on--to absorbent the oil.
Meanwhile heat up the pan with 3 tablespoon of vegetable oil add chilli paste mixing, galangal and Indonesian bay leaf, stir until aromatic.
Add cooked aubergines, stir until all the ingredients are well blended.
Season with sea salt and anchovies granules.
Lastly toss in cooked crispy dried anchovies then give it a gentle stir.
Remove from the heat and place into a serving plate.

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