Puff tofu filling as compliment of noodles soup

April 10, 2008

Since we loves noodles especially noodles soup, I never make my noodles seems to be boring and dull, give the impression of my own noodles soup its like particular demand, believe me that my noodles turning into an attractive deluxe versions--
Don’t blame me if you are into a diet sections and I serving a luscious mouth watering deluxe rice vermicelli noodles soup as your lunch. Ah I bet you will ask for help…

Make it as delicious as most wanted noodles soup is always being out of ordinary part, adding puff tofu filling touch up with finely chopped springs onion get sting with slice chilli padi then garnish with sprinkle crispy fried onions its such a thrilling combinations, I would not believe if you say "no" into a bowl of drooling noodles soup,
would you??

Puff Tofu Filling


6 pieces of puff tofu
300gr of fish paste (I used of king fish paste)
1/4 teaspoon ground white pepper
1 clove garlic mince
Salt to taste


In the bowl Mix the fish paste with garlic mince, ground white pepper and salt.
Use a potato masher, mix it until all ingredients are well blended.
Cut puff tofu into triangle shape to two pieces.
Using a knife or scissor, cut the hollow part right in the middle.
Using a small spoon then fill the puff tofu with fish paste one by one.
Steam about 15 minutes then remove from the steamer and let it cool
Keep refrigerate into a tight container.
Serve as delicacy compliment of your noodles soup 

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