Pineapple and Prawn Curry, No reservation!

April 22, 2008

pineapple and prawn curry2

Making typical prawn curry by skipping coconut milk is make the taste slightly stronger, either isn’t rich enough of come to end first round main course subsequently desire some more rice and curry as second round main dish, oh! Definitely no other reservation needed.

Fond the aroma of curry without coconut milk brings on and on my hungriness even “D” my husband will forget his exhausted after works once he have a look his crave Prawn and Pineapple curry dish up into a lovely serving plate, absolutely we don’t mind if you enjoy and having dinner together with us **winking.

No reservation!!

pineapple and prawn curry

There are several different kind of ready made fish curry powder but when it's turn into a fancy fish curry powder my preferable fall into Baba’s fish curry powder.
The aroma of the spices mixture is perfectly authentic and I won’t be able to blend myself all the ingredients which is written behind the packet, nevertheless I do believe in the future I'll do some delve into my homemade curry powder-- *big hope

Select for fish curry powder if purposely making prawn of fish curry because there is curry powder meant for meat either such a chicken, mutton and beef other than that the aroma of the spices are totally different between those two--fish curry powder and meat curry powder hence do not make wrongly selections.

Adding pineapple into my curry today brings delicacy flavour, fruity and fresh sourish comes at the same time. Short cut the richness of authentic prawn curry with sparkling fresh sourish pineapple prawn curry instead is a Royal alternative.

Last but not least, should have keep it in mind that the best sea food which is goes well with pineapple is “Prawns” let's say Tiger Prawns--best ever item of "Drooling genuine pineapple and prawn curry".

Pineapple and Prawn Curry


10 pieces tiger prawns, remove the head-skin attached.
250gr pineapple, cut into wedges
2 tablespoons fish curry powder (I used Baba’s curry powder)
1 tablespoon ginger and garlic paste
3-4 springs of curry leaves

2 tablespoons vegetable oil
3/4 cup water
Salt to taste


Wash the prawns well, use a scissor devein the prawns, trim the tail and cut away the legs. Set aside.
In the small bowl, mix the fish curry powder with little water to a paste.
Meanwhile heat up the pan with vegetable oil to a medium heat, add ginger and garlic paste stir until fragrant.
Add fish curry powder paste, stir well until aromatic.
Add tiger prawns, keep stirring until the prawns change to a colour about a minute then add water, let it boil for a while then continue by adding curry leaves and pineapple.
Reduce the heat to a shimmer then seasons with salt according to your taste.
Let it shimmering about 2 to 3 minutes until the prawns are cooked and the pineapple quite soft.
Remove from the heat then dish up into a serving bowl.
Serve with rice--for two

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