My Almost Fried Hokkien Mee

April 08, 2008

We are not staying in where which is easily to get Chinese grocery such a fresh thick bee hoon or fresh yellow egg noodles--it is impossible to get where we are at now. I have to be an extra watchful and smart when we are going for visa run, being an active soccer player running here and there to get foods stuff I want to bring along its quite entertained another fact is we have to pay some extra luggage to smuggled all the foods stuff--bits and pieces aaahhhh!!!

Do you think that I am a smuggler??

hahaha…pppsssttt… Somewhat it would be a perfect reason of it…Let me typing these words ”For better or for worst” however the real matter is all about foods but it is in the same words “for better and for worst” formed exclusively patent.

Let’s see how powerfull that proverb works...***

My loving husband could not leave without Chinese dish which is twice or three times a week I have to dish up such a Chinese style *whatever noodles, Chinese style stir fry vegetable even Chinese porridge **he really fond to Chinese foods and especially Singaporean foods--born and brought up in the heavenly food place such a wonderful gifted of God ever given.
His preferable is an original home cooked and hunting the best hawker--The last one is pretty challenging to me that I never imagine having hubby who can wrote the list about what food should be eaten, which the best hawker place should be gone, which friends should be buzz to ask and which web site should be browse to get totally blast experience for food.
Above of all that's my good sense and significant reasons why I have to be a smuggler

hi hi

I bet you will laugh out loud other than sounds of following list bellow, Yah it’s me, what to do?? being a smuggler may worth than having a badly craved *wink

These are some of smuggled foods break down which i want you to make sure rather my self is a smuggler or just human beeing who always put the foods on top of all.

-fresh yellow egg noodles about 1 ½ kg
-fresh thick rice noodles-same amount
-pacific clams in the tin
-puff tofu
-carrot cake
-salted vegetable about 300gr
-ready made fried fish cake
-baby kalian
-miso paste
-Japanese ginger pickle
-kalamansi lime & 3pieces of lemon

-still many more...

please do let me know..
and no laugh !

without a wonderful man (he was a chef and he own a restaurant in phuket thainland) i would not be able to share this recipe, hence...
I would like to drop some mean words to say my abundant thanks to “J” who thought me how to prepared fried hokkien mee and of course make it possible for me to cook at home, dish up fresh and end up at my dining table either.

And of course for his patience replaying of all my questions which was most probably annoying you, I do sorry...
Purposely I short cut the ingredients--no egg, no prawns, no sambal belachan,no lard oil and no bean sprouts.
**Perhaps next time I would make original fried hokkien prawn mee--fingers crossed

Fried Hokkien Noodles with Fish Cake


50gr fresh hokkien noodles (thick yellow egg noodles)
100gr fresh thick rice noodles (bee hoon)
200ml prawns stock
3 cloves garlic (chopped)
2 springs onion, cut into 3 inches
20gr fried fish cake, thinly sliced
1 tablespoon fish sauce
2 tablespoons vegetable oil for fry
kalamansi lime and slices chilli padi to garnish


Heat the wok over medium heat, add vegetable oil.
Once the wok is hot add chopped garlic and stir fry until light golden brown
Add slices fish cake, lightly stir.
Add yellow egg noodles and thick rice noodles (thick bee hoon) and quickly stir about 20 seconds.
Add fish sauce and stir another 10 seconds
Add prawn stock and cover for approximately 30 seconds, stir fry until the gravy almost dry.
Add cut springs onion then continue to stir about 10 seconds.
Serve hot and garnish with calamansi lime and slices chilli padi.

My suggestions:
1. Make your own prawn stock to get the real tangy of fried hokkien mee.

2. Served with typical sambal belachan even better.

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