Crispy, spicy and garlicky dried anchovies

March 22, 2008

Dried anchovies a.k.a ikan teri in my language (Indonesian) which I used to know by deep fry process until golden brown and crispy, ohh…honestly the aroma brings up the hungriness never ending, believe it or not that my tummy sounds pretty embarrassing, I would not typing and describes how the sounds is, wow trust me it sounded like somebody moaning,haha--seems somebody starving now by smells at deep fry dried anchovies, yes its me!!

Today I am not that worried because I got a jar full of spicy, crispy and a garlicky dried anchovy available at my kitchen--by adding into my noodles soup it has perfect appetizing and delicious flavour come at the same time for my lunch.

My crispy dried anchovies has something different method to get crispiness texture, often I herd that dried anchovies normally just deep fry them but when I had seen the process through a microwave--it called perfectly done needed--not much oil getting involved.
This recipe is a great invented by my mother in law which I always asked her to make for us perhaps one or two jar then we will bring along since at where I am live now do not have kind of little tiny dried anchovies with particular size as their supposed to be, Bravo!! I have to bring along the plain one if I want to make any different side dish or even just get ready in my dry foods store as future uses.




500gr dried anchovies (ikan bilis a.k.a ikan teri kering)
2-3 tablespoons Chilli paste
15 cloves garlic, sliced
Vegetable oil


Take a double kitchen towel then add two handfuls of dried anchovies to it.
Dropped some vegetable oil on your hand then rubbed completely into dried anchovies. Process with microwave about 4 minutes until crispy, continue steps above until your dried anchovies are completely done. Set aside.

Keep it ready your sliced garlic, fry until aroma to golden brown--don’t forget keep watching while frying other wise it will get burnt and will taste bitter, set aside.

In a wok add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil then heat it up to a medium fire, take 2 tablespoons chilli paste depending on how much spicy you want to be--means that you can add more chilli paste if needed.
Stirring about a minute then add the dried anchovies which had done by microwave process.

Continue to fry until the chilli paste and dried anchovies are well blended.
Remove from the heat then sift them out using a plastic basket with medium holes on purpose to get rid of unwanted granules.
lastly, toss your crispy garlic then keep it into a tight container.

Store in a dry area to make them last long.
crispy anchovies

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