Click..!! “Five pairs metal chopsticks”

March 28, 2008

Gladly rejoicing my new food blog which was recently created a week ago and I did setting it up to confidently perform in the future, you can see that the page still on the way to complete, sure it is okay since I am being pleased to stuff it up and dress it up step by step and leisurely as I can.

Hereby I would like to take an opportunity to participate click event host by jugalbandi.
Click monthly event has a different theme-base each month, all entries will be based on a culinary, ingredient or concept.
Month of March theme base is “Metal’ which is being said that its uses in a culinary context--yes definitely indeed. All exellent entry are here.

My first entry to celebrate my web-food blog is about “metal chopsticks”, oh yah I do love eating using chopstick its great fun and pretty challenging especially eating sticky rice using chopsticks in a typical Chinese bowl, wow…needs exceeding skill--must practise!!

I do enjoy a lot eating noodles using my wooden chopsticks--not a big problem for me, it’s pretty easy but trusts me!! I am terribly struggle eating noodles and other stuffs using metal chopstick, gooosshh…!!

My Image bellow showing how my chopsticks look and wrecked Styrofoam which I am using to bounced the natural light trough my balcony door.

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